Techno Marine Ltd.

We are well known on the boat builders market, especially in the production of RHIBs, pilot boats, commercial boats, catamarans, tugs, dredgers and other watercrafts, constructed from glass reinforced plastic, steel and aluminum. Techno Marine offers qualified services, experienced management, innovative designs and construction. The use of high quality materials in combination with most advanced technology allows us to produce the highest standard watercrafts available.

Quality standards

The most important part during construction and testing for us is safety pared with durability for all the boats we built. Our boats are used by pilots, navy and special forces, coast guard, police, custom office, scientists and fishermen. All Techno Marine watercrafts are built under requirements of the ISO9001:2015 quality certification system.

Techno Marine Ltd. is certified for manufacture and repairs of glass reinforced plastic and metal hulls of yachts and boats by Polish Register of Shipping [certificate no KI/09/710358/16].

Techno Marine Ltd. can provide complete boats and spare parts, a special training system for the navy, training for maintenance of boats and installed equipment and technical assistance on all projects.

Techno Marine specializes in the design and production of:

  • Complete RHIB boats, catamarans, tugs, dredgers and other watercrafts

  • Design and assembling of pneumatic tubes

  • Design and assembling of various upholstery elements

  • Installation of propulsion systems

  • Installation of navigation and communication systems

  • Installation of specialized scientific, research and hydrographic equipment

Techno Marine also can also offer the following services:

  • Servicing of boats, watercrafts, tubes, propulsion systems, navigation and communication systems

  • Design and concept studies

  • Reconditioning of boats

  • Operational assistence and crew training